Join the Club!

Membership in the Book Club is open to all! As a member, you’ll be able to:

  • Discover hidden treasures—little-known facts about the books you love
  • Receive beautiful pieces of printing in the mail
  • Learn more about how books are made and collected
  • Help support a California arts community dedicated to producing finely-made books.

What kinds of people make up this community?

  • Collectors
  • Printers
  • Designers
  • Book dealers
  • Writers

You’ll find them all together in just one place:

The Book Club of California.

How Our Members Stay Connected.

Are you a museumgoer? Our Sustaining members receive museum benefits at select historical museums.

Maybe you’re a young adult, or still in school. Look for 35-and-Under and Student memberships here.

Perhaps you’ll become one of our Patrons, helping The Book Club of California reach the next generation of book-lovers.

And here’s how you can receive even more value from your investment in us: get involved. Become a “Gold Standard” member by joining our “Standing Order” program, and receive a fifteen percent discount on all your purchases—and the good feeling that comes when you know that, as a result of your support, The Book Club of California will keep publishing for years to come.

If you’d also like to contribute in a more “hands-on” fashion, join the book-lovers who have become Book Club volunteers. For more information on how to get started/the next volunteer orientation, just send an email to, or call (415) 781-7537.


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