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Membership in the Book Club is open to all! As a member, you’ll be able to:

  • Discover hidden treasures—little-known facts about the books you love
  • Receive beautiful pieces of printing in the mail
  • Learn more about how books are made and collected
  • Help support a California arts community dedicated to producing finely-made books.

What kinds of people make up this community?

  • Collectors
  • Printers
  • Designers
  • Book dealers
  • Writers

You’ll find them all together in just one place:

The Book Club of California.

How Our Members Stay Connected.

Are you a museumgoer? Our Sustaining members receive museum benefits at select historical museums.

Maybe you’re a young adult, or still in school. Look for Apprentice and Student memberships here.

Perhaps you’ll become one of our Patrons, helping The Book Club of California reach the next generation of book-lovers.

And here’s how you can receive even more value from your investment in us: get involved. Become a “Gold Standard” member by joining our “Standing Order” program, and receive a fifteen percent discount on all your purchases—and the good feeling that comes when you know that, as a result of your support, The Book Club of California will keep publishing for years to come.

If you’d also like to contribute in a more “hands-on” fashion, join the book-lovers who have become Book Club volunteers. For more information on how to get started/the next volunteer orientation, just send an email to, or call (415) 781-7537.


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