ACCESS. All of the Library’s holdings are for in-library use only; please contact the Club at 415-781-7532, or send us an email at, if you would like to schedule an appointment during regular club hours: Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. The Assistant Librarian is available for appointments on Mondays.

ONLINE CATALOG. Most of the Library’s holdings are discoverable through WorldCat, You can search our holdings by using the link to our local catalog below.

EPHEMERA. The Library holds an extensive collection of ephemera, organized by press/printer. There are collection-level records for most of our collections, and some items have been cataloged individually.

HANDLISTS. Some ephemera and other collections have handlists which provide information on items which have not been cataloged individually.

CARD CATALOG. The Library has a card catalog for the collection as it existed at the beginning of 2010. The catalog is now closed.


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