Bicentennial of Lithography


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Annual Keepsake Series

Peter Rutledge Koch, 1999.

The invention of lithography at the turn of the 18th century was greeted with much the same excitement as that of photography 50 years later. It appealed to artists because of the wide range of effects it offered, and it attracted the commercial printer because of the speed and economy it allowed. Nine essays describe some of the leading figures and trends in the development of lithography. With color and black & white illustrations.

10” x 8”. 95 pp. Designed for The Book Club of California by Peter Rutledge Koch with the assistance of Richard Seibert. Printed by Phelps-Schaefer Litho-Graphics Co. and bound by Cardoza-James Bookbinding Company. The cover was printed letterpress by Peter Koch Printers. The title illustration was adapted from a Rudolph Koch woodcut in Fetschrift der MaschinenFabrik Faber & Schleicher, A.G


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