James Mason Hutchings of Yo Semite


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Dennis Kruska, 2010.

This book tells his gripping story in its entirety. In 1855, following his visit with one of the earliest tourist parties to Yosemite, Hutchings published the first views of the Valley to reach the outside world, and by the early 1860s, this adventurer and entrepreneur also managed one of the first hotels there. He became Yosemite’s most prolific author and leading advocate for Yosemite tourism, and his efforts shaped the future of this sublime place. The book provides a detailed, illustrated examination of Hutchings’s life, his tireless methods of promoting Yosemite and his influence on nineteenth-century California literature.

The biography synthesizes information from diverse sources and presents additional information not previously published. By tying these sources together with anecdotal writings from authors and travelers on the scene during the Hutchings years, the author has built a compelling narrative, with much new material on Hutchings’s Yosemite hotel-keeping activities, his travels, and his legal fight to preserve his Yosemite land claims. In addition, the book contains a bibliography that provides an annotated listing of all known Hutchings’s publications and those he influenced. Most items in the bibliography are illustrated and some of them have never before been reproduced.

Designed and printed in a four-color lithographic process by Castle Press of Pasadena. 13 x 9. 344 pp. 208 illustrations, some in color. Type Van Dijck. Bound in green cloth on boards with black cloth spine. Title printed in color on paper and inset on front cover. Title and author in gold on spine. Decorated end papers in color. Edition 500 copies.

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