SOLD OUT: M.F.K. Fisher Keepsake


M.F.K. Fisher, 2008.

Keepsake includes exhibition checklist for A Delicious Obsession: Collecting the Works of M.F.K. Fisher, A Centennary Show of books, periodicals & ephemera from the collection of Randall Tarpey-Schwed (at The Book Club of California, September 8-October 27, 2008); a broadside with text from A Thing Shared, M.F.K. Fisher (1918); plus an insert, Autobiography & Biography: Channeling M.F.K. Fisher by Joan Reardon, culinary historian and author.

Now the hills are cut through with super-highways, and I can’t say whether we sat that night in Mint Canyon or Bouquet, and the three of us are in some ways even more than twenty-five years older than we were then. And still the warm round peach pie and the cool yellow cream we ate together that August night live in our heart’s palates, succulent, secret, delicious.

–M.F.K. Fisher. Excerpt from broadside text, A Thing Shared (1918)

10” x 8”. Design & typography by Kathleen Burch. Linoleum block illustrations by Patricia Curtan. Letterpress printing by Patrick Reagh. Letterpress printing: insert & wrapper by John Sullivan.

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