Poetry at the Edge: Five Contemporary California Poets



2014. BCC publication number 233.

Featuring poems by Joseph Stroud, Kay Ryan, Gary Young, Martha Ronk, and Michael Hannon

Designed by Carolee Campbell of Ninja Press

Click here to view the prospectus.

Click here to watch a video of the books being bound by Klaus Rotzscher of Pettingell Bookbindery.

And below, listen to all five poets read from the book, recorded at the Book Club during the Poetry at the Edge publication party, November 17, 2014:

Optional: After the audio has fully loaded (indicated by the white bar), use the cursor to scroll to individual readings, at the below time marks. Each poet is introduced by Carolee Campbell.

0:00′ Introduction by Carolee Campbell
4:35′ Joseph Stroud
10:55′ Kay Ryan
20:45′ Gary Young
26:55′ Martha Ronk
32:45′ Michael Hannon
43:14′ Closing remarks by Publications Committee Chair Roberto Trujillo, and BCC Executive Director Jennifer Sime


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