Treasures of the Book Club Library, Part III


Annual Keepsake Series

Barbara Jane Land, 2004.

The Book Club of California Library holds a treasure trove of material related to all major facets of the history of the book, including milestones of printing history, book design, illustration, and binding. Gathered with great care over the course of the past decades, it is a great resource for type historians and social historians; it reflects trends and styles in typography and general culture.

The third in a series devoted to the Club’s library holdings, this  keepsake features thirteen, color-illustrated, folded sheets, each devoted to a Book Club Library treasure, including: Tangible Typography (London, 1853); The Doves Bible (Hammersmith, 1903-1905); and Principia Typographia (London, 1858).

10” x 8”. 14 folded sheets. This keepsake for the year 2004 featuring thirteen treasures of The Book Club of California Library was written by Barbara Jane Land, who also prepared the first two parts, issued in 1997 and 2000. Designed and produced for members of the Club by Jonathan Clark at The Artichoke Press in Mountain View, California.


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