Vandercook Universal I Hand Test Press, 100th Anniversary Model


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2009 marked the 100th birthday of the Vandercook Proof Press. Originally designed for commercial use, the Vandercook Proof Press has become a vehicle for artistic exploration. Artists of diverse sensibilities have brought a wide range of experience and technique to the press, which has expanded the scope of experimentation. Although it is no longer being made, the press has shown itself to be a flexible enough tool to absorb new technology and move into the next century. With this kit specially created for the Book Club’s 2009 Vandercook Book Exhibition, assemble your own Vandercook Universal I Handpress!

11”x 9” flat; 5 ½” x 7” x 2 ¼” standing. Designed by Shirley Edwards. Printed by Logos Graphics on Strathmore Writing Wove, Bright White, 110 lb.

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