The Printer is in the Garage

Carol Cunningham sold her first press to a classmate and bought an “8×12 Gordon,” which she installed in the garage of her new home. Two years later, husband Bruce built her a new shop, and she acquired a press with power to replace the foot-pedaled Gordon. After installing that press, she began a steady printing schedule. The second woman to be invited to join the Moxon Chapel, Carol was also a founding member of The Small Press Club of Marin (1968) and the Miniature Book Society (1983). The British Printing Society, which she joined in 1973, named her a Master Craftsman in 1974 and Printer of the Year in 1975.

Carol has been an active collaborator with other printers and designers, most notably Joe D’Ambrosio, who was responsible for many of the book bindings of Sunflower Press publications. Sunflower Press publications may be found in many prestigious libraries, both in North America and Europe.

We are honored that Carol has chosen the Library of The Book Club of California as the permanent home of her own collection of her publications, as well as the many items given her by friends and fellow printers.

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