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The Book Club congratulates the recipients of
the 2014 Oscar Lewis Awards:


Johann_Drucker_OLA_webJohanna Drucker
 Oscar Lewis Award for Book Arts

Johanna Drucker, Breslauer Professor of Bibliographical Studies in the Department of Information Studies at UCLA, is internationally known for her work in the history of graphic design, typography, experimental poetry, fine art, and the digital humanities. In addition, she has a reputation as a book artist, and her limited edition works are in special collections and libraries worldwide. More about Johanna Drucker may be found here.


Rebecca SolnitRebecca_Solnit_OLA_web
 Oscar Lewis Award for Western History

A gifted essayist and inspired historian, Rebecca Solnit has authored numerous award-winning books and articles about art, landscape, public and collective life, ecology, politics, hope, meandering, reverie, and memory. Her wide-ranging publications include Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas, A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities that Arise in Disaster, and River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West. More about Rebecca Solnit may be found here.

A Note from the 2014 Awards Committee:

The nominees for this year’s awards were numerous–all deserving and accomplished individuals–making the decision by the awards committee a difficult one. In the end, however, the committee focused on the nominees’ print and publishing records. Both Rebecca Solnit and Johanna Drucker’s accomplishments are most impressive–the scope and volume of their contributions are broad and inspiring, the critical reception of their work is well-evidenced, and the years of dedication they have given to their fields are more than noteworthy. Both honorees have remarkable depth, range, and scope, both are widely read and collected, and both are avid users of libraries and archives.

In sum, Rebecca Solnit and Johanna Drucker represent the highest interests and values of The Book Club of California, which is celebrating its 102nd anniversary in support of fine printing related to the history and literature of California and the western states of America through research, publishing, public programs, and exhibitions.

The Oscar Lewis Awards were established by The Book Club of California in 1994 in honor of Oscar Lewis (1893-1992), San Francisco author, historian, and club secretary from 1921-1946.

All Club members are invited to submit nominations during the appropriate submissions period.

Past recipients of the Oscar Lewis Award for Western History:

W. Michael Mathes (2012)
Phillip P. Choy (2011)
Thomas Pinney (2010)
Robert J. Chandler (2009)
Malcolm Margolin (2008)
Carl Nolte (2007)
Robert V. Hine (2006)
David F. Myrick (2005)
Robert G. Harlan (2004)
Kevin Starr (2003)
Ferol Egan (2002)
Muir Dawson (2001) and Glen Dawson (2001)
J. S. Holliday (2000), Msgr. Francis J. Weber (2000)
Allan R. Ottley (1999)
Gary F. Kurutz (1998)
Richard H. Dillon (1997)
Lawrence Clark Powell (1996)
Doyce B. Nunis, Jr., (1996)
Michael Harrison (1995)
Dr. Albert Shumate (1994)

Past recipients of the Oscar Lewis Award for the Book Arts:

Carolee Campbell (2013)
Jonathan Clark (2012)
Clifforde Burke (2011)
Charles Hobson (2010)
Graham Mackintosh (2009)
David Lance Goines (2008)
Patrick W. Reagh (2007)
Peter Rutledge Koch (2006)
Joseph J. D’Ambrosio (2005)
Eleanor Edwards Ramsey (2004)
Joanne Margarethe Sonnichsen (2003)
Carolyn and James Robertson (2002)
Wolfgang Lederer (2001)
Andrew Hoyem (2000)
Jack W. Stauffacher (1999)
S. Gale Herrick (1998)
Sandra Kirshenbaum (1998)
Marjorie G. Stern (1997)
Lewis and Dorothy Allen (1996)
Albert Sperisen (1995)
Stella Patri (1995)
Ward Ritchie (1994)

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