Fine Books, Fine People Honor Roll

The Book Club of California would like to acknowledge its Honorary, Benefactor, and Sponsor members, as well as its corporate sponsors, for their generosity in supporting our mission.


Fine Books, Fine People Honor Roll

Honorary Members
The McCune Foundation
California State Library
Madeleine Rose
Anne Smith
Ann Whipple


Benefactor Members ($1000)
Nick Aretakis
Robert Bothamley
Maryellen Burns
Stephanie Dolin
Sharon Gee
Jay Guerber
Jim Henderson
Thomas McLaughlin
Paul Robertson


Sponsor Members ($500)
Cynthia Abrams
Robert Bothamley
Duke Collier
Kenneth Karmiole
Helen E. Land
Chris Loker
Catherine MacMillan
Allen Mears
E. Craig Moody
Richard Otter
Charles Rennie, III
David Spilman
Laurelle Swan
John Windle
Stephen Zovickian



Corporate Sponsors
Grants for the Arts, San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund


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