Current Exhibition

Nautical Fiction – Covers, Colors, and Contents

August 20 – November 9

David Wingfield Pettus has been collecting books for more than 45 years. In that time he has assembled what many believe to be the most comprehensive collection of nautical fiction in the world.

Like many collectors, his primary focus is on the great literature contained within the covers of the rare volumes he acquires. But, again, like most collectors, he cannot help but be attracted to the bindings, the illustrations, and evocative ephemera that naturally come his way in the course of his collecting.

This Book Club exhibit is dedicated to a selection of those items – visually resonant pieces that particularly compliment David’s love of the sea, the ship, and the sailor – art and artifacts that convey the adventure, loneliness, and beauty found on the “endless immensity of the sea”.

With remarks by curator David Pettus, author and collector.

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